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Lakes & Rivers Logistics, Inc. is a stevedore cargo handling business. The union proud company management handles more than 1 million tons of bulk and break bulk annually, including raw materials for steel making, aggregates, fertilizers, salt and grain. The Buffington Harbor location in Gary, Indiana allows for access to rail, river, lake and highway transportation options.

The Buffington Harbor location has direct access to the St. Lawrence Seaway via Lake Michigan, is directly served by the Canadian National Railway and has easy highway access to Interstates 80, 90, 94, 65 and 294. Lakes & Rivers Logistics has 1,000 feet of contiguous dock space and 10 acres of open storage.

The operation provides material handling for bulk and freight materials coming into the port on barges, lakers and ocean vessels and transfers that cargo to trucks and trains.

The company operates with experienced union labor led by superior leadership. 

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